Album Artwork: Julia Prajza


Soft, dreamy, slow-moving, ambient-cinematic compositions suited for deep focus, meditation, yoga, relaxation, and sleep. Read more below.


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In an effort to create deeper, more meaningful music I decided to compose and release a new album called ‘Finding Stillness’. It is a commentary on the fast, relentless pace of the world around us today. We’re always hurrying here, rushing there, meeting deadlines, answering emails, and thinking about the next hundred things that we need to get done. All the while, forgetting the here and now. Change is happening at an unprecedented rate and things that didn’t even exist 5 years ago are now deemed essential. Our society and culture has progressed to a point where we literally don’t wait for anything; it’s all immediately at our fingertips. Distraction is running rampant and taking over our ability to concentrate. As you might be able to guess from the title, ‘Finding Stillness’ stands in total contract to this epidemic.

Composer: Rob McAllister (aka Music Within)

Photo: Amanda Soriano

It features soft, dreamy, slow-moving, ambient-cinematic compositions suited for deep focus, yoga, meditation, relaxation, and sleep. I made it a goal to create the most beautiful, peaceful, calming music that I could. I wanted to encourage myself (and the rest of the world) to slow down! To take time to breathe in and out, quiet the mind and appreciate this life. I imagine ‘Finding Stillness’ as a soundtrack to friends sitting on a dock in the darkness of a summer night, staring up at the stars in wonder. I picture someone sitting in traffic on the highway, listening and actually enjoying that time of waiting. I envision the album playing in yoga studios and helping people to quiet their minds and meditate more deeply. I hear the album as a nighttime soundtrack, helping people to fall asleep when it seems like an impossible task.

© 2019 Rob Daniel McAllister