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Music Within is the creation of Toronto based Composer & Producer Rob McAllister.  It is a diverse collection of original music created to help tell great stories.  From ambient soundscapes to orchestral epics, organic instrumentation to electronic production, tense dramatic action to happy feel-good inspiration -- endless stories live within the music.  

Rob is a classically trained pianist with a curiosity and passion for learning new instruments and exploring new sounds.  This has fueled the addition of many new sound pallets into his productions.  In addition to playing the piano, he is a multi-instrumentalist who plays the guitar, trombone, and accordion to name a few.  He is continually writing new music, and loves the creative freedom that composing music provides on a daily basis.


 Photography by: Brendan Smyth @ SmythPhoto


rob began his musical journey at the age of six.

Born and raised in Welland, Ontario, Robert Daniel McAllister studied classical piano for 10 years.  During this time, he earned his Grade 8 Piano Certificate and his Grade 2 Music Theory Certificate.  Always keen to learn a new instrument, he picked up the trombone in school and later joined the Niagara Youth Orchestra for five years.  Additionally, Rob became proficient at playing the guitar and joined many bands over the years.  Currently he is the lead guitarist in a metal band called Centuries of Decay. (See Collaborations below)       

Rob attended McMaster University and studied Physics, obtaining a B.Sc. (Physics).  Realizing there that he needed to pursue his real passion, music, he enrolled and completed the Audio Production Program at the Harris Institute in Toronto.  Upon completion, Rob was offered a 6-month internship at The Hive, an established Toronto music studio.  This internship focused on audio production and music composition for film and television.  This internship was the stepping-stone from which Rob dove headfirst into his career as a music composer.

From that time Rob has been honing his composition skills and growing his personal catalog to approximately 300 pieces of music at the present time.  Rob’s music has been featured in advertisements for Rocky Mountaineer, Holt Renfrew, Huggies, and Power Athletics to name a few.  He has written theme songs for television shows, including APTN’s Wild Archaeology, Global’s Decision Canada (2015 Canadian election coverage), A User’s Guide To Cheating Death, and Last Stop Garage.  He has provided additional music scoring for Global’s 16x9, and the documentary films Fanomenon and The Drop: Why Young People Don't Vote.  Most recently he co-scored the full-length documentary entitled Sister Elizabeth: The Strength Of Faith.

Continually writing new music, Rob is excitedly expanding his collection of albums, with a focus on ambient and classical creations.  Keep an ear out for new music to come!