Photo: Dominik Bednarz | Design & Lettering: Julia Prajza


These charming, classical compositions are variations on a simple, heartfelt melody. Three variations: String Quartet, Solo Piano, & Music Box. Read more below.


Julichka’s Theme is available for streaming & purchase wherever you listen.

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I’m very excited about ‘Julichka’s Theme’ (pronounced Joo-lich-kuh). It’s the first part in a little series I’m releasing in an effort to evoke deep, imaginative stories with my music. You’ll hear a single melody adapted for three different styles of instrumentation, like you would in a film score as the story develops.

With the music box, the melody is a young, playful child. The theme grows up on the solo piano, with more emotion and expressiveness. The string quartet has the strength and grace of experience; a warm beauty fills the room. I hope you’ll let these pieces take you on an enchanting journey!

I wrote this romantic melody for my girlfriend Julia. I imagined watching a cinematic film about her life and tried to create the main theme. Julichka – a nickname from her grandma – means little Julia in Czech.

Photo: Amanda Soriano



Want To Play Along?

Whether you play in a string quartet, are a pianist, or play violin, viola, or cello on your own, I can’t tell you how much I would LOVE for you to play my new piece! Please share a video recording if you do :)


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